Since 1991...

Based out of North Vancouver, BC, Dakeryn began its journey as a small local wholesaler operation with only two employees. Since then it has strategically grown and diversified to include four companies, three locations, and over 100 employees across North America and worldwide.

Dakeryn today is a fully integrated wholesale, distribution, and re-manufacturing company servicing customers in a variety of industries including retail, production, industrial, and more across the globe. The Dakeryn Group of companies includes Dakeryn Industries, Interpro Export Group, Mountain View Specialty Products, and Westmark Products. This integrated service and support offering provides customers with an unparalleled experience, from order to delivery.

Meet the Dakeryn Team

Through their combined operations, we’ve become trusted leaders in the lumber marketing industry.

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Dakeryn Industries

Dakeryn is a full-service distributor of SPF dimension lumber and re-manufacturer of specialty wood products.

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Interpro Export

Interpro is an export wholesaler that ships over 100 million board feet of softwood, hardwood, and panel products every year.

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Westmark Products

Westmark is the Dakeryn Group’s largest fully-owned distribution centre, located on 10 acres of land in Acheson, AB.

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Our History

Take a look at how the Dakeryn Group of Companies has grown and evolved over the last three decades.


Dakeryn is Founded

Dakeryn Industries begins its journey with two traders and one accountant, in a small office in North Vancouver.


10 Years of Growth

Dakeryn has evolved through the investment of six working partners who have strategically grown the business. Reaching most of North America, Dakeryn has become a leading player in the Canadian lumber marketing and distribution industry.


Dakeryn Acquires Mountain View

The vertical integration of Mountain View Specialty Products in Abbotsford, BC, into the Dakeryn umbrella allows Dakeryn to become more effective in servicing its growing portfolio of specialty wood product customers. Dak Trim, Dak Deck, and Dak Siding are all run out of this facility.


Dakeryn Acquires Westmark

Dakeryn anchors its distribution operations across Canada and improves its presence in the Prairies with the purchase of Westmark Products. Westmark is the Dakeryn Group’s largest fully-owned distribution centre, located on 10 acres of land in Acheson, AB.


Interpro Joins Dakeryn

Interpro Export Group, a full-service distributor of forest products to over 30 markets around the globe, joins the Dakeryn Group at the North Vancouver office. The strategic move provides Dakeryn with rapid growth in the international trading forum with a loyal customer base and the expertise necessary to navigate and service growing international demand.


Dakeryn Doubles Specialty Production

Dakeryn adds a 2nd line to Mountain View to expand specialty product offerings across North America. The increased capacity has improved lead times and provided flexibility in running additional product lines for specialty customers.


Dakeryn Hosts First W.O.L.F. Event

Traders Lauren and Kaitlyn Chimko invite women for across the lumber industry to attend a personal growth seminar “Women of Lumber and Forestry”  in Whistler, BC.


Dakeryn HQ Expands

Dakeryn and Interpro relocate to a significantly larger head office in North Vancouver. The group is now moving 500 million board feet of lumber annually across North America and worldwide with a staff of ~120 amongst the four companies.

Our Culture

We focus on people, relationships and values.

At Dakeryn Industries we attribute our success to our people and the long-term relationships we have cultivated with customers and suppliers over the years. This high calibre group has enabled us to shine as an industry leader via a cohesive team approach.

We strive to always act with dignity, integrity and respect and prioritize doing the right thing. We are constantly reflecting on these values as we grow and diversify in our industry.