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Exporting Worldwide.

Interpro Export Group joined Dakeryn in 2018 with the immediate benefits of a combined sales force, diversification of Dakeryn’s operations, and increased scale of buying power.

Prior to joining Dakeryn, the team at Interpro had 27 years of experience as an export wholesaler. What started as a small regional company now exports over 100 million board feet (~235,000 m3) of softwood, hardwood, and panel products per year into more than 30 countries around the world.

Local Market Knowledge

With our sales team extremely well versed in key markets we bring strong local knowledge to our suppliers and customers to optimize the marketing and distribution process.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We are a one-stop shop for softwood, hardwood, and all panel products. Our supply stretches from North America to South America, and across Europe and Asia.

Ready-To-Ship Inventory

We have stock on the ground at all times across different reload and logistics facilities in North America & Europe, ensuring prompt delivery of wood products.

Excellent Customer Service

Our experienced team is well equipped to provide customers with a range of options to suit their needs and follow up throughout the entire order process.

We commit to our suppliers and our customers

Our mission is to distinguish innovative markets and to distribute products where traditional lumber producers have not pursued. We aim to carry a diverse product range, and to provide a value unmatched by others, be it prompt-shipment, financial services, or excellent follow-up service. 

For all export inquiries please contact us directly at 604.984.6125 or sales@interprogroup.ca.