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Manufacturing Premium SPF Specialty Products Daily

Mountain View Specialty Products is a leading Canadian manufacturer of SPF specialty wood products located in Abbotsford, BC. With an annual capacity of 100 MMFBM, our updated facility includes 2 production lines for planing, priming, and custom trimming capabilities to create premium finished building materials which we then distribute globally through Dakeryn Industries. Our key product lines include:

  • Dak Trim Treated (1x, 5/4x, 2x SPF Fascia)
  • Dak Deck (2x T&G SPF & DFIR Celling/Floor Decking)
  • Dak Siding (1x WP4 & WP11 Pattern Stock)
  • Custom Products (SPF Pattern Stock)

Substantial Inventory

On average, we stock 10-15 MMBF of lumber on ground at Mountain View. Of that stock, it is a roughly 50/50 breakdown of raw and finished inventory.

Centralized Distribution

Our strategic location provides easy shipment via multiple modes of transportation across North America.

Order Fulfillment

We consistently monitor our order file from the moment lumber is purchased until the moment it arrives at our customers’ location.

Custom Trimming

We trim key lengths and custom lengths for special projects and individual programs.

Prioritizing our customers’ needs in a safe and effective way

Together Dakeryn and Mountain View place a significant emphasis on timely shipment, quality control, customer service and safety throughout the order fulfilment process. Our raw materials are composed of the highest grade of dimension lumber available including appearance and J grade.

Specialties for Export

Mountain View also has an offshore component in which they run custom trimming and packing for overseas customers. Please get in touch with a sales representative at Dakeryn for more information on any of the above products.