A Diverse and Competitive Offering

Utilized for its strength, range of available dimensions, availability, and fair price, the SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) mix is a superior choice for wood construction across the globe. We consistently bring our customers competitive offers in all grades of SPF lumber.

J Grade2x4 - 2x128' - 20'Carrier, Dunkley, Weyerhaeuser, Foothills, Millar
Appearance Grade2x4 - 2x128' - 20'Millar Appearance, Weyerhaeuser Prime, West Fraser Hi-line, Tolko A-grade, Canfor Square Edge
No. 2 Premium2x4 - 2x128' - 20’Carrier, Dunkley, Vanderwell, Foothills, Northlands, Tolko
2/BTR2x4 - 2x128’ - 24’All North American Mills
No. 32x4 - 2x128’ - 24’All North American Mills
Economy2x4 - 2x128’ - 24’All North American Mills
We also offer boards in various grades, 1×2 – 1×12. Please inquire for additional detail.

The Dakeryn Advantage in Dimension

Dakeryn has a history of trading SPF dimension since 1991 with long standing relationships and extensive industry knowledge. As dimension lumber is considered a commodity we work together with our customers to provide as much value as possible.

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Competitive Pricing

We buy volume daily to consistently provide our customers access to the best pricing available

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Extensive Offering

We aim to provide customers a range of options to suit their needs.

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Order Fulfillment

We monitor our order file from the moment lumber is purchased until it arrives at our customers’ location.

Market Information

Our open trading floor is full of experienced traders to provide advice on market conditions and buying opportunities.

Our Customers

Our strength has always been in our people and the relationships we have cultivated over time. We are committed to being key partners to all North American mills which in turn allows us to provide our customers with daily access to a variety of stock.


Contractor Yards

Distribution Centers


Truss and Manufacturing

Mass Timber

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Wood Frame Construction

SPF Dimension lumber is arguably the most sustainable and renewable resource available for residential, industrial and commercial construction. North America is now utilizing mass timber construction as a way to “build greener” and compete with the safety, price and durability of concrete construction.

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There are endless options of end use products from SPF lumber whether it be furniture, remanufacturing, finishing and decor etc. Wood is good!