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Your Centralized Remanufacturing and Distribution Hub

Westmark is the Dakeryn group’s largest fully owned distribution centre located in Acheson, AB. Our facility contains 10 acres of land to store lumber in all grades and dimensions as well as a shop with capacity to trim custom lengths to assist customers with unique projects. Some of our more frequently produced items include:

  • 92-⅝ studs in any grade
  • 104-⅝ studs in any grade
  • 116-⅝ studs in any grade
  • Custom PET trim lengths for large projects
  • Trims on dimension lumber to satisfy low availability of certain items.
  • Stake and Lath: 3/8″, 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ survey/landscape stakes, 12″ to 48″ in length.
dakeryn lumber Custom trimming

Custom Trimming

We trim key lengths and custom lengths for special projects.

dakeryn lumber

Substantial Inventory

Our lumber inventory is held on 10 acres of land in a variety of grades and dimensions.

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Centralized Distribution

Our strategic location provides easy shipment via multiple modes of transportation across North America.

Specialty Programs

We are also able to offer a handful of specialty items including stakes, lath and dunnage.

We aim to go above and beyond on shipping and distribution service

Beyond our key trimming, shipping and distribution capabilities we offer a diversified range of specialized services. Our custom manufacturing versatility enables rapidly changing production schedules to meet shifting demands in the marketplace. We offer barcoding, sorting/re-packaging, cut in two, and re-grading. Annual production is approximately 50 MMFBM. All of our inbound products are coded and tracked for accuracy and efficiency.