Premium Select SPF Siding

Dak Siding encompasses our Premium SPF Siding and Log Cabin Siding. This natural wood product is designed to warm and enhance spaces through application on feature walls and exposed ceilings. Dak Siding is recognized across North America as an exceptional product in terms of quality, consistency and value.

Dak Siding is primed with PPG Fast Dry Acrylic Latex Primer. Our factory flood coated and back brushing process produces a flat gray finish which minimizes painting requirements on the job site and makes top coats a breeze!

WP4 info sheetWP11 Info sheetProduct Specs

SPFFurring Strips1" x 2, 2" x 28'
SPFWP4SB (square back) T&G V2E - Natural1" x 48' - 20'
SPFWP4SB (square back) T&G V2E - Primed1" x 48' - 20'
SPFWP4 T&G V4E - Natural1" x 68' - 20'
SPFWP4 T&G V4E - Primed1" x 68' - 20'
SPFWP11 Shiplap - Natural1" x 6, 88' - 20'
SPFWP11 Shiplap - Primed1" x 6, 88' - 20'
SPFLog Cabin Siding - Reveal 2" x 6, 88' - 20'
SPFLog Cabin Siding - No Reveal2" x 6, 88' - 20'

Available Finishes

S4S Primed
Resawn Primed

Profiled and finished with precision and care, to add value for our customers.

Dak Siding is manufactured at Mountain View Specialty Products, our wholly-owned remanufacturing facility in Abbotsford, BC. Reciprocal programs with a number of sawmills across Western Canada ensure continuous supply of the finest raw material and fresh on-ground inventory of our finished pattern stock.

Superior Quality

Dak Siding is manufactured from the highest quality lumber to ensure strength and durability.

Cost Effective

SPF Siding is less costly than composite alternatives.

Visual Appeal

Using J-Grade raw material, Dak Siding is produced without holes, wane or loose knots.

Handled with Care

Each unit is finished off with poly under the top tier, then paper wrapped with dunnage and corner protectors attached.

Product Applications