Premium SPF Fascia

Dak Trim Treated is the real deal when it comes to curb appeal! This natural wood fascia is preferred for its high quality, competitive cost, and durability.

Dak Trim comes fully sealed in a custom, acrylic latex primer specially formulated by our valued partner PPG Paints to protect against mold and mildew. Factory flood coat and back brush provides maximum coverage. Flat grey finish minimizes painting requirements on the job site and makes top coats a breeze. Exterior applications include door, window, and garage trim, corner boards, and facing columns. See below for available dimensions and finishes.

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SPF1" x 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 128' - 20'Combtex 1 Face
SPF5/4" x 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 128' - 20'Combtex 1 Face / Combtex 4 Sides / Resawn 1 Face / Smooth 4 Sides
SPF2" x 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 128' - 20'Combtex 1 Face / Combtex 4 Sides / Resawn 1 Face / Smooth 4 Sides
SPF2" x 6, 824' by requestCombtex 4 Sides
SPF2" x 4, 6, 8, 1016'DADO - Combtex 1 Face / Combtex 4 Sides
SPF2" x 310', 12'SILL - Smooth 4 Sides Primed

Available Finishes

Combtex Primed
Resawn Primed
S4S Primed

Profiled and finished with precision and care, to add value for our customers.

Dak Trim Treated is manufactured at Mountain View Specialty Products, our wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Abbotsford, BC. This allows us to provide builders and retailers with a fully customized product that is manufactured and delivered quickly and with care. The raw material is sourced from all major sawmills across Western Canada. Appearance and J-Grade lumber is used for processing of all premium specialty wood products to ensure the highest quality finished product.

Superior Quality

Dak Trim Treated is a premium Fascia/Trim Board that is manufactured and graded for Appearance to ensure 100% usage and value.

Cost Effective

SPF Fascia is less costly than composite alternatives.

Visual Appeal

With a combination of Appearance and J-Grade raw material, Dak Trim is produced without holes, wane or loose knots.

Handled with Care

All units are paper wrapped with dunnage, poly sheets and corner protectors attached. The textured face is well protected.

We commit to durable, sustainable, long-lasting products

Dak Trim Treated is covered under a limited 25-year warranty to protect the integrity of your project. We guarantee that when installed and maintained properly, our products will be free from defects of manufacturing that cause rot, swelling, peeling, cracking or delamination. If applicable Dakeryn will replace materials per the terms of the warranty. We stand behind our products to give builders and homeowners the confidence that these materials will hold up over time.

Please reach out to one of our sales representatives for more information on our Warranty.

*Subject to applicable terms and conditions of the Dak Trim Treated by Dakeryn 25 year limited Warranty





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