Dakeryn Strives to Do Good

When it comes to our local communities, the Dakeryn Group of Companies looks for ways to provide help for people who need a little extra support. One of our major annual community initiatives includes building food hampers to donate to local families in need during the holidays. We aim to feed at least 50 families each year.

Dakeryn Empowers Women

As of 2020, women make up ~10% of the lumber marketing and distribution roles in North America. Dakeryn traders Kaitlyn and Lauren Chimko started a program in 2019 to create a space for the Women Of Lumber and Forestry (W.O.L.F.) to come together, network, learn and build a community to empower and promote each other within the business.

Dakeryn Gives Back

We do what we can to give back to our communities on a case-by-case basis, to support projects that are meaningful to us and to those who need it most. Dakeryn Group’s past contributions include:

  • Hurricane Relief Funds
  • Junior Sports Teams
  • Run for the Cure